Took me twenty five years till I managed
to free my own tongue
— Declaration - SUNNA

Sunna Guðlaugsdóttir is an Icelandic musician living in Aarhus, Denmark. She grew up in a small fishing village in the north-western part of Iceland in a musical home and has been singing since she was tiny and her father made her sing backing vocals on his homemade songs. She moved to Denmark when she was 13 and went through high school there. She moved back to Iceland when she was 19 to explore her home country but returned to Denmark two years ago and is planning to stay there (for a while).

The music is mainly folk-inspired pop, but draws on many different genres as it contains at times heavy beats and raw Icelandic nature woven into the guitar based pop melodies. The songs are very varied but all have that in common to have personal lyrics that are relatable to many, as she sings about deep feelings and difficult topics like loneliness, depression and of course love.

Her first album “Declaration” has been a long time coming. After losing her confidence for a while Sunna had convinced her self that she only wanted to play music as a hobby.


But after numerous attempts at different jobs and education she took a good hard look inside her head and chest and had to admit to her self that singing and playing music was the only thing that she wanted to do in life. She quit her job and found another one that gave more space and time for music. She wrote the music for her first album and started a crowdfunding page to fund the EP. She raised 7000€ and the rest is history.

Inspired by artists like Tina Dickow, Joni Mitchell and First Aid Kit the songs are delivered with warmth and intimacy and stories are told in a convincing and moving manner. Influenced by the first troubadours like Joan Baez and Bob Dylan SUNNA’s songs explore topics like feminism and the refugee situation in the world which are topics close to the singers heart.

Sunna found her liveband in 2018 and they clicked right away. The band consists of Lasse Michelsen - guitar, Sigurdór Guðmundsson - bass and Lars Pedersen - drums.